After 5 years, we had to move our little brewery from our original location on Orcutt Road.

Here is how you can help.

We have put together a kickstarter campaign to help keep Bang the Drum alive and create the location of all of our dreams. Of course, we would love each and every one of you to go on this journey with us - every dollar counts - but that's not the only way to help. You can follow our progress on social media, tell people about Bang the Drum and share our kickstarter campaign with anyone you think will resonate with us and our story.

Click below to check out our campaign :)

The good news is we finally found an amazing new spot (just around the corner from our beloved Orcutt home) that will allow us to have food, wine/cider, a patio and more than enough indoor space to host our live music and community events.

We are so excited but this is a BIG project and we are small.

Click on the photo below to see a fly through rendering of what our new location could be - a unique and funky space with room to improve on all the things you asked for at the old location.

NEW Bang the Drum Interior FlyThrough

Bang the Drum Brewery is Moving Locations!

We will be closed until everything is moved


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Bang the Drum Brewery  

We are a small craft brewery located in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Our goal is to create a unique, feel-good experience where customers feel relaxed and part of the family. We serve everything from a simple Blonde Ale to a variety of innovative takes on classics such as our Queen Mate IPA. We offer a cast of reliable flagships along side an ever changing lineup of fresh brews, we work to provide beer and experiences that will keep you and your tastebuds satisfied.

MOre than one way to celebrate the day

We offer a plethora of entertainment, including live music, salsa dancing, open mic and our notorious brain stimulating trivia nights just to name a few. Come relax in the sunshine on our patio and bring your friends, or make some new ones (perhaps giant Jenga to break the ice?) Everyone is welcome, we are pet and family friendly! So come on in - our awesome staff is ready to pour you a cold one.

Beers on Tap
Drumming session - live music
hops and barley
hops in hand
hops and drums

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Bang The Drum Brewery
Well, the message I wrote was far too long for Instagram but the gist of it involves taking over a company as a young woman and the lessons I’ve learned in the past couple of years about how people approach running a business. If you want see the entire ...

Sep 5, 2019
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Bang The Drum Brewery
We just released a new reward on our kickstarter! You can have your own personalized bar stool at the new location. The plaque will have your name and a quote of your choice! Note: the bar stool itself will look different but you get the idea --- Kickstarter link in ...

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