Gary DuBois


After a long career in architecture; most recently in forensic architecture, I decided to pursue other interests. While looking for my next project, Noelle asked me to help her and Jeremy start a chocolate business in SLO.

While I do love chocolate, I also am fond of craft beers. After some discussion, we decided to try to combine the two. Well, as it turns out, there is a lot involved in starting a brewery – even a small one. So we decided to focus on beer (and mead) and, of course, music for now.

The most rewarding aspect of my architectural career was to see others enjoy the spaces I was able to create. I sincerely hope that the environment and experiences that we create at Bang the Drum (BTD) will be fun and exciting for all.

Noelle DuBois

Marketing Director

I have lived in San Luis Obispo for the past 8 years and have grown to love this beautiful town and the sense of community we have here. I started working downtown at Black Horse Espresso and Bakery 5 years ago while I finished up my Animal Science degree at Cal Poly. Working downtown has made me appreciate how our community interacts. Everyone here is friendly, interesting, and pro small business. I love being able to walk down Higuera Street on any given day and see all the coffee shop customers; to all of you out there, you have made me feel like I belong here.

So, how did I get involved with the brewery? When I was just about finished with my degree, I had to figure out what I wanted to do next. Bang the Drum evolved from countless ideas all stemming from the desire to create something that got us excited. My father, Jeremy, and I have each put a piece of our passion into this brewery so that we could provide a little bit of paradise for each of you. Now I get to network, interact, and throw parties with the people of San Luis Obispo through a business I can call my own. Not only that, but I get to put on events to help raise money for various animal rescue organizations, a dream I have had since I was a little girl. I hope that our place will be that catalyst to empowerment, love, and freedom that you need.

Introducing SLO County's ONE & ONLY Female Head Brewer!

BTD's Kelly Edward